Photo by Carrie Firestone Photography


First: I am an aerial theatre artist. With the storytelling tools of theatre and the poetry of circus arts, my unique professional experience in both theatre and circus has given me an effective vocabulary for creating, performing and collaborating on meaningful performance work across genres. Second, and as important as the art, is my work as a movement educator for those interested in safely and boldly embodying and expressing themselves physically. I have a degree in theatre from Syracuse University, various fitness/movement training credentials (NASM CPT, Fit For Birth, FRCms), and over a decade of experience creating, performing and teaching in throughout North America.


My story:

I did not grow up as an acrobat, but I did grow up loving dance and theatre.

Then in 2005, during a semester of actor training at Shakespeare's Globe in London, I saw aerial work seamlessly integrated into a play, and it changed the course of my life. Since moving to New York City in 2007, my focus has been on simultaneously learning the science of training a human body sustainably for long term performance goals and physical ability, AND exploring the artistic potential of multidisciplinary theatre. The goal was, and still is clear: to create a training toolbox so that my inexperienced body could become, and remain, a healthy and expressive aerialist while also creating a creative process in which to integrate the aerial work with other theatrical modalities for effective poetic theatre.  

In 2011, my dear friend, actress and acrobat Kendall Rileigh and I started a collaboration that has become Only Child Aerial Theatre.  Only Child bridges the gap between theatre and circus through original performance, education and creative engagement with the art form. I have also worked as an aerial performer, choreographer, consultant, director and teacher in New York City, Toronto, North Carolina, Seattle and California.  

Why do I do this?

For the students: To make having a healthy movement practice accessible. All people have bodies, and we all deserve to embody them.

For the artists: To perform, choreograph, direct and coach intentional and poetic aerial performance. I am here to help theatre, circus and dance artists collaborate effectively make their work as specific as possible through understanding the versatility and narrative potential of aerial work.

For the audience: To give space for listening. American society is bombarded with verbal discourse and verbal processing at every turn. While we have a left brain that needs this, we also have a right brain that needs non-literal support through our experience of our own bodies and through artistically evoked empathy. Both movement and art are best experienced by deep somatic listening, and this is what I strive to facilitate!

I am based in NYC.